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Our clinic is dedicated to the health and well-being of all our practice members by providing superior health and balance through chiropractic.

The Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation offices are represented by 3 offices in Texas, two in San Antonio and one in El Paso. We have been treating patients for 17 years. We at Atlas Chiropractic represent the very best the chiropractic profession has to offer. All the chiropractors have graduated from Parker College in Dallas. We have 3 licensed massage therapist on staff, as well as a Doctor of Osteopathy, who can prescribe medication for patients, if needed.

The Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centers practice in an ethical and professional manner providing cost-effective state-of-the-art care to patients with a wide variety of health conditions. They pride themselves on providing no more care than necessary--and no less. The doctors spend time with the patients to assure they understand their condition so that they can make an informed choice regarding the health care options.

The team at Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centers have the training and experience necessary to provide you care throughout the different phases of management. Beginning with an acute pain management program through the development of a personalized rehabilitation program we are prepared to assist you improve the quality of your life.